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Welcome! You have now reached finest responsive web design and development company The Next Idea. In case this is your first visit to our website we assure you, it is never going to be the last. We are a full service IT house that has the key to all your Information technology needs that include preeminent quality services in website and Mobile application design and development, e-commerce solutions, graphic designing, search engine optimization, content writing, and social media marketing.

We believe in providing our customers with the latest technological solutions. With the increase in mobile devices usage, every business must cater to this huge audience if it wants to excel. We create websites that have responsive web design implemented from the start. We have happy clients in United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the United states.

Having an experience of over a decade in the digital market, we have proudly gathered a loyal customer base in the industry ensuring their business get the maximum possible revenue by its virtual existence. Our skilled team of professionals is 24/7 at your service and our exceedingly responsive customer services have made us proud in the international market. We have our expertise in the areas of

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  • portfolio

Free design templates for All

Are you looking for a user-friendly design for your startup but do not have enough money to have one? Do you need a great layout and interface for one of your websites but the budget restricts you? Can you believe that you will receive high quality and latest design templates free of any charges? Search through our free design templates and download the one that suits you the best.

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  • Business2sell--1-Mobile-Friendly-Design
    Business2sell 1 Mobile Friendly Design
  • Daniel-j-Mobile-Friendly-Design
    Daniel j Mobile Friendly Design
  • derekmagill-Mobile-Friendly-Design
    derekmagill Mobile Friendly Design
  • Healthy-wonders-Mobile-Friendly-Design
    Healthy wonders Mobile Friendly Design
  • Maidens-Media-Group-Mobile-Friendly-Design
    Maidens Media Group Mobile Friendly Design
  • pumlee-mobile-friendly-design-
    pumlee mobile friendly design
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  • weather-app
    weather app
  • photo-albums-app
    photo albums app
  • Manage-inovice-app
    Manage inovice app
  • food-recipes-app
    food recipes app
  • cloud-Music
    cloud Music
  • messaging-android-app
    messaging android app
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  • book-covers-18-for-graphic
    book covers-18 for graphic
  • flyers-18-for-graphic
    flyers-18 for graphic
  • book-covers-17-for-graphic
    book covers-17 for graphic
  • Brochures-17-for-graphic
    Brochures-17 for graphic
  • envelopes-17-for-graphic
    envelopes-17 for graphic
  • flyers-17-for-graphic
    flyers-17 for graphic
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  • logo-for-yacht-capital
    logo for yacht capital
  • logo-for-wordpress-themes
    logo for wordpress themes
  • logo-for-whybuy
    logo for whybuy
  • logo-for-website-grader
    logo for website grader
  • logo-for-vision-entertainment
    logo for vision entertainment
  • logo-for-travel-x
    logo for travel x
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  • Bottle-neckers-8-for-print
    Bottle neckers-8 for print
  • catalogs-8-for-print
    catalogs-8 for print
  • cd-jackets-8-for-print
    cd jackets-8 for print
  • manuals-8-for-print
    manuals-8 for print
  • news-latter-8-for-print
    news latter-8 for print
  • post-cards-8-for-print
    post cards-8 for print
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  • Lawggle_Canada_cara-lawggle.jpg
    Lawggle Canada

    When I started with Dania and her team, I had no clue if I needed a PHP based site or a simple WordPress blog. All I had was a rough sketch of ideas for my project. These guys made me achieve my biggest dream and planned the entire site .... Cara

  • Lorem_Ipsum_is_simply_dummy_text_of_Manish-pasport.jpg
    Business2Sell Group Australia

    Kash and Pumlee team have been working with us for over 6 months. I have been looking for the designing and development team for years. After wasting thousands of dollars, I have finally found the right team to work with. Their work is o.... Manish Khana

  • Sydney_funky_tunes,_Austrailia_pierre-moio.jpg
    Sydney funky tunes, Austrailia

    This company is the real deal. Do not waste your time contacting anyone else online. They have gone above and beyond to make us happy and to make working with them an absolute pleasure. Happy to share the quality of work they have provid.... Pierre Moio

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our clients

  • newsohail_here_client-img-2.png
  • healthy_wonders_healthy-wonders.png
  • no_no_no_client-img-3.png
  • client_name_here_client-img-1.png
  • maiden_media_maiden-media.png
  • sajiton_sajiton.png
  • verstime_verstime.png
  • silver_hopkins_silver-hopkins.png

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