We're not experts in everything. We only care about technologies that can LOVE us back.

Our portfolio demonstrates our diversity, latest industry trends and technological advancement on all platforms including websites, mobile applications, enterprise solutions and server side programming.
With the key focus on enterprise mobility solutions DevBatch masters in apps development for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phone, while handling server side development on Ruby on Rails, PHP and other bleeding edge technologies like Node.js.

Mobile App Development

Did you happen to come across the fact that in 2012 over 64% of users browsed the web via a mobile device? And this to your astonishment is the greatest revolution the web has ever seen.By now you should be thanking your lucky stars because we are equipped with one of the most superior responsive technologies on hand, that enables your website to acclimatize to every sort of screen sizes. It has become an absolute must to cater for a mobile audience rather than being an optional consideration.

TNI is a chief IT business offering 360° digital promotion and software development answers starting from web development to social media marketing to mobile apps for last 10 years. With the increase in smart phones& M-commerce, we have modified our spotlight towards building better-quality mobile apps for all foremost platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Face book. For reaching your full probable market your website must now acclimatize and reply astutely to the gadget it’s being accessed on. Whether your guest attains you using their cell phone, PC or tablet your website must recommend a customized experience merely for them.
All the sites we generate attribute a jam-packed “responsive design” executed from the launch. This enables us to produce a fully personalized experience for cell phone and tablet customers, making certain your significance and substance reaches your spectators – despite of their gadget.
Our core technological competency, well-defined tactic and a fanatical team of specialist engineers, designers and developers have aided us stir up several exceedingly spontaneous, compelling and user-friendly apps.

We are devoted to mounting user-friendly and modified mobile apps that are crucial for business associations to attain their aim that directs to victory. Our focal point is to build up sole and tailored mobile apps as well as better-quality after development services.

Our strengths
•    Innovation and ingenuity.
•    Aptitude to envision, devise and execute large scale ventures.
•    Development of suitable mobile apps with the most recent equipment.

Over 10 years of skill in the IT industry crosswise varied business verticals with well-built domain awareness.
Innovation, reliability, exceptional customer services, quality pledge and cutting-edge tools are our core ethics. We care for our clients as our tactical partners by consulting them at each step of executive of their projects. We consider taking care of our employees, which is a sign of their exceptional performance and utmost productivity.