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  • 11 May, 2016
    Responsive web designs in 2016
    Author: Dania Shah

    Responsive web designs for businesses

    Statistics show that over 97% of your visitors rate your services and product based on the layout and design of your website. If a user lands to your website accessing it with a mobile device like an android or iOS he is more likely to scroll down and play around if your site responds to his device well. If you have a mobile site as a sub domain then you will need to invest more money and have more efforts to manage two separate Content Management systems. Imagine all the trouble you face when you have to add/edit/ remove or update a little piece of text on numerous locations on your site when managing two separate CMS. A responsive design is going to save your trouble and offer great value to customers who visit your website

    What is Responsive Web Design?

    A responsive design means that the layout and the screens of your site adjust accordingly to different physical devices and major browsers. Experts refer to it as a fluid design, which will adjust itself like water to any screen or mobile device. Businesses and site owners have two options to make a website responsive; they can either use the existing desktop layout to create mockups for different screen sizes and mobile devices or design a mobile site separately that links back to the original domain. Responsive designs are not an option according to the latest design trends but they are a must for your website in 2016

    It’s Good If Its Available

    The Boston globe was the biggest project for responsive designs and so are The Target, Barrack Obama, Grey Goose and many more. Why? Because users might not be available on their computers all the time but they are on their smartphones. RWD surges visits to your site whether your clients are other companies or common retail buyers.

    The Payback

    Let’s have a glance on “what’s in it for you”

    1. Flexibility

    The chief advantage of a responsive design is its flexibility to adjust to different screens. It is fluid and can easily flow through all kinds of devices. The website extracts content, resizes images, and modifies font size to provide a value experience to your users according to the screen.

    2. Maintenance

    Having one website for all devices saves you the trouble of maintaining and updating each one individually simply since it is a single site that opens flawlessly on diverse devices. Website managers have to update merely on one platform whenever you want to update and you have merely one set of content to cope that keeps time and cash.

    3. Improved SEO

    RWD has become a must for the SEO. This solo model is easy to optimize than to create content and building links for different sites. And the URL structure also remains the same for all devices which makes it easier for the search engine to index your website.

    4. Sales enhancement

    Improving sales needs to be guaranteed via excellent services if your site is not responsive and fails to open on the user’s device, it’s only going to take a second to switch to the rival by Google search. However, when a user can access your site from any device, he stays with you and spreads the word to the social circle.


    By far you must have realized that RWD require inventive, all-devices attuned design, latest technology, high-end coding with Html5 and CSS3 and careful testing. You can rely only on experienced web design firms that can execute them flawlessly. So choose your web design company carefully.

  • kashif shah

    Very informative. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful piece

  • Muhammad Umar

    sahi kah re ha ap is blog me, responsive website hona bhot zarori ha aj k dour me, responsive site na ho tu wo mobile pe koi acha effect nh deti, responsive hona website k ly zarori ha

  • Dania

    Thanks for your comments guys It is a pleasure to be of help

  • Habib

    The biggest problem in different sites for different platforms is maintenance, we should be thankful to responsive web design that made it so easy..

  • Zahid Habib

    Good job Because Responsive website is very important for the today\\\'s era :)

  • jahanzaib Ashiq

    Very nice information. I really like this posts.

  • Ali Raza

    Really Nice info...Every Design should be responsive..Thank thenextidea team :) :) :)

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