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A successfully designed website has two critical elements: VISITOR TRAFFIC & CONVERSION

Your website is the face of your company and it must define what you are best at and provide exact answers to what customers expect from you.

VISITOR TRAFFIC & Web Design Services

A viewer will only stay on your website if it is strategically planned and aesthetically put by a professional web design company or else they will simply click away increasing your bounce rate. To retain the visitors coming to your website, you definitely need a user-friendly design which is easy to navigate and simple to use. In the past, web designers could get away with flashy and glitzy designs that were not retina friendly. However, as users get more aware and evaluative, they expect extreme UI and UX experience coming to your web page. You need to make sure that your design uses high-end tools that let it adjust to all screen types and resolutions. According to a recent research, 40% of people will choose a different search result if the first is not mobile friendly.

This should give you enough of a reason for having a responsive web design that is compatible with all screen types and major browsers. Cross browser compatibility is exceedingly critical as your website is only going to make an impact if the user lands to it when needed. With the mobile-first revolution, 70% of the traffic coming to your website is going to be through a mobile device and you need to make sure that you provide a user-friendly, responsive, and a more than satisfying experience for them so that you can retain them and take this potential audience to the next step. Hiring qualified web design services is critical because the aim of a good design is not only to attract viewers but also to retain and CONVERT them.

The RIGHT Web Design Company for HIGHER CONVERSION rates

You may have the best-designed website in the world, but if it is just out there as an ORPHAN PAGE, no one is going to find it. And even if you manage to attract a good number of visitors through social media campaigns and personal efforts, if you are not converting these potential visitors into leads of any kind, then again your web design company has failed you. This is where we stand out; we keep ourselves updated with the latest algorithms and Search engine preferences so that we can identify the crucial elements that contribute to a successful web design. While creating a custom web design, we keep 19 critical elements in mind that are proven conversion optimizers and will boost your website performance.

Each web design project is unique so we follow a methodological process to improve efficiency, understand your business niche and target the right audience using our strategically planned research and analytical tools. To ensure that your web design does not only look great but also works great, we stay on the same note with you throughout the process. It is a well learned and developed feature of a successful web design company that it will value your feedback and keep your corporate objectives in mind throughout the entire process. This is only possible through constant and effective communication and an understanding of your business goals.

Our web design services include:

  • Custom design websites
  • Product websites
  • Banners
  • Engaging Landing pages
  • Social network sites
  • Blog design
  • Responsive website design

Every business wants a design that is out-of-box but it might end up being out-of-the-way if you do not choose web design company smartly ultimately leading to worsening the situation. To get the best-rated mobile friendly designs get in touch with us today…

Web Development Services

You are welcomed to discover our digital dexterity at “The Next Idea” providing resourceful and robust web development services since over a decade. The company operates with a mission to help people build businesses through strong virtual existence. Monetizing your virtual endeavors can be tough especially when you have no clue where to invest, how to invest and how to make the best out of the little investment that has the potential to boost your web presence or enhance the performance of your existing website. We help businesses develop real-time and measurable solutions for better operations boost in sales, achieving corporate objectives and staying ahead of the competition all within a budget.

Our team of skilled web programmers delivers quality projects that best fit latest trends in the web industry for speed optimization, user experience, and backend content management, making it easier for you to sell your product and services online. You may have the best web design able to hook an audience but it is of no use unless it functions properly for both the user and the search engine. We follow a strategic process as a web development company that ensures successful execution through collaboration between our internal creative and development teams and YOUR business.

Web Development Company with TESTED results

Other web development companies may only commit quality through their words and may not ever meet what they promised, but we LET THE WORK SPEAK FOR ITSELF. We use cutting edge tools to meet the criteria for best performance and provide you tests and reports for the quality standards that your web project will meet. As a web development company we divide the services into two major parts:

  1. Front End Web Development Services- using HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  2. Back End Web Development Services- PHP, WordPress, E-commerce

Our innovative mobile friendly web projects are demonstrated in the portfolio that will give you a fair idea of how we work as a web development company to get your business maximum attention online. Get a quick quote today

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Our Work Flow

Our website development process is easy and organized. After years of experience, we have devised a strategic and well thought out process from idea to execution to achieve the best possible results and have a great final product

  • Conceptulization

    Conceptualize+ Brainstorm

    We understand your business preferences by a brief that explains your core needs. We then have a team discussion to review each point in detail and create a look and feel for your brand

  • Reaserch

    Research+ Wireframe

    We carry out market research and competitive analysis to highlight your strengths and identify customer weaknesses through a basic wireframe

  • Design

    Create+ Design

    We create the first colored layout for your project by fusing the blueprint and basic concept. This is where you see the first design mockup for your web

  • Develope

    Develop+ Integrate

    The last step after you approve the design is to create the front end, back end, and integrate them to create a live site

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